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La Maison du Chocolate – Come fly with me

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Maison full

So Nicolas Cloiseau has done it again. The Easter collection for La Maison du Chocolate is amazingly pretty and called “The Breakaway Flock”

A breakaway flock of dapper geese soar in formation over the Easter trails toward sweet horizons. This flock has a sharp eye for chic attire.

Picture1An art-de-vivre that showcases attention to detail and the exceptional quality of the materials used. The chocolate patina of the grain of the leather trunks is as supple of that of a handbag. Only the best exotic skins cover the hand-sewn suitcase handles. The clasps and locks protect the precious cargo of praliné eggs nestled inside.

Picture4The scarves around the necks of our fine-feathered flyers bow to the whims of the wind. This giggling gaggle of geese espies below a world of chocolate out of the corner of their aviator glasses. Their arrival is a harbinger of beautiful days ahead, springtime and the promise
of faraway gourmand lands. Immediate boarding for a long distance trip where dreams and chocolate will be the only sustenance on board.

All the figurines and chocolate decorations are made entirely by hand. They are filled with crispy crêpe praliné eggs, milk chocolate almond eggs, dark chocolate hazelnut praliné eggs, crunchy dark chocolate eggs.

The Pieces


Easter Stopover

Figurine in dark and milk chocolate, scarf in ivory chocolate. Decoration composed of three suitcases in dark and milk chocolate, cobblestones in milk chocolate. Filled with 100g of praliné eggs.


The Feathers

Figurine in dark and milk chocolate, scarf in ivory chocolate, cobblestones in milk chocolate. Filled with praliné eggs.

Picture3Aviator Egg

Egg in dark and milk chocolate, scarf in ivory chocolate. Filled with praliné eggs.


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