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The Best Brownies Ever?? Absolutely!

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So I’m not a huge brownie fan. I will occassionally have a Boston Brownie from Konditor & Cook as they are next to my workplace, but generally I would chose another treat over the brownie.

I then saw on my Emerald Street email that Hummingbird Bakery were having a Brownie Bake Off. By jove another competition to enter!

Now in my research I discovered that a brownie is not just simply a mix of flour, eggs, sugar and chocolate……oh no, it is much more complex than that! Brownies now-a-days fall into 3 categories: Cakey, Fudgey and Chewy and all of these are made with the various combinations of core ingredients. Increase the chocolate and decrease the flour and you’ve got a fudgey brownie, decrease the chocolate and increase the flour and you’ve got a cakey brownie. Use different types of brown sugar and you’ve got a chew brownie. I had no idea!

So I made 2 brownies, one that turned out quite cakey (see picture on the right below) and one that was proper fudgey (see header picture and left picture below) – fudgey wins hands down. I have also discovered that it’s much better to make brownies in a 8″x8″ inch pan rather than the individual

Screenshot_2015-11-09-21-51-11-1[1] Fudgey BrowniesIMG_20151108_131217[1]Individual Cakey Brownies

I made a Raspberry, Chambord & Almond Brownie, and highly recommend anyone to try it. Please tweet or instagram me the pictures 🙂 if you do make them


170g Chocolate (I used a 54% which quite a neutral flavour)
3 eggs
300g Caster sugar
70g + 2tbsp Plain flour
30g Cocoa powder
175g Fresh raspberries (washed & dried)
113g Unsalted butter
100g Almonds chopped
2 tbsp Chambord

1.5 handfuls Freese dried rapsberries


Melt chocolate and butter in a bowel over boiling water, be careful not to get any waster into the chocolate.
Remove from heat and whisk in sugar in 4 stages to allow sugar to melt, keep stiring until it no longer feels gritty. The sugar also allows the chocolate to cool before the eggs are added.
Whisk in eggs 1 at a time
Fold in cocoa powder
Fold in flour in 4 stages, ensuring that there are no ribbons of flour. This could go into a lined pan at this stage for a plain brownie.
Mix through fresh berries and chopped almonds, try to squash down a little so that the little raspberry kernels are broken up.
Add chambord 1/2 tbps at a time and adjust to personal taste.
Mix through1.5 handfuls of freeze dried raspberry crumb.

Place in a double lined 8″ x 8″ tin and bake for 35 – 40 mins at 170°c

Now the important part, and the hardest….leave to cool competely before cutting. I found it easier to heat the knife in boiling water, then dry and cut….after each cut put the knife back in the water to heat up.

If you do make these, let me know how you get on.



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