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La Maison du Chocolat Christmas Launch 2014

So last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of La Maison du Chocolat’s Christmas 2014 collection. I have to say that each year and season they just get better and better.

IMAG1693I was mesmorised by the Tree of Wonder and all the hanging ornaments. it is made of 24 finely crafted dark chocolate discs with different diameters.  On these layers are 130 chocolate pine cones with the most amazing detail.IMAG1694

Within the discs there are suspended 10 drop shaped ornaments in dark and blonde chocolate which are stuff with a selection of nuts(almonds from Valencia, enrobed almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts, pecans, Siciallian pistachios & pine nuts).

The discs are finished off with dark chocolate gold beads, gold leaf and gold threads. I was impressed with the reindeer boxes last year, but this is truely special. Made to order at £700



There are smaller Christmas ornaments that are just as pretty and intricate.These are priced at £26





Also available are gift boxes filled with the most delicious 4 flavours:

Spicy Cocoa Ganache

A dark chocolate, from an exclusive Venezuelan Cacao vintage, imparts nuances of its pure origin featuring delicate and spicy Christmas flavours. From beginning to end, the roasted intense cocoa notes reveal and increasing bitterness prolonged b a lovely finish on the palate.

Praline Masquerade


In the tradition of Yuletide fruits, Nicolas Cloiseau revisits a chocolate classic.  Almonds are the mainstay of this traditional praline, scattered with pieces of dates. The frank taste of almond bolsters the sweetness and texture of moist, silky dates

Lemon Bergamot

From a selection of delicate wintertime citrus, Nicolas marries hazelnuts with  the refined tones of Sicilian Bergamot, enhanced with lemon juice. Crisp light acidulous notes give some panache to this robust praline featuring hazelnuts form Piedmont.

Silky Almond


Continuing the spirit of Christmas confections, almond paste is presented in a chocolate guise.  Imagine sweet Sicilian almonds crushed in chocolate fondue…The wonderful chocolate almond paste flavour blends at the finish with notes or evergreen honey.

Clementine Square


Candied fruits have always been a must-have on Christmas tables. A puree of finely crushed candied Clementine rinds, accented with candied orange, puts a new twist on this classic.  Bite into a very delicate chocolate with silky texture and revel in delightful Corsican citrus flavours.

Below are the official pictures. I will most definitely be getting a few boxes at Christmas time

Official Pictures


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