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Banana & Chocolate Mini Loaves


Every week I start with the same thought, I’m going to buy more fruit and eat some every day…then I read an article about how the Banana is the king fruit amongst fruits health wise so I bought a large bunch.  Needless to say by the time the weekend came, I’d half the bunch that had over ripened.

I decided that, rather than throw them out I’d make my version of Banana loaf and throw in some 64% dark chocolate chips, the chocolate works well with the sweetness of the ripe banana. I think that using a milk or white chocolate would make this too sweet… this recipe is a great on the do with children as it’s not too messy but there are lots for them to get involved with.

Banana & Chocolate Mini LoavesIngredients

250g Plain Flour
2 tsp Baking powder
125g unsalted butter
250g Caster sugar
4 Ripe Bananas mashed up
2 Eggs lightly beaten
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
175g Chocolate Chips


Set for the ovenLooking good!Method
Sieve the flour and baking powder into a bowl.
Cream the softened butter and sugar in a separate bowl and add the vanilla, eggs, chocolate chips and mashed up bananas
Gently fold in the sifted flour in 3 stages
Transfer to half lined loaf tins and bake at 180°c for 25-30 mins depending on your oven




I had friends visiting yesterday so it was nice to share something home-made to give them, although when your kitchen is 28°c I do not recommend putting your oven on!

Time to eat


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Wedding Favours

I was asked to make favours for the wedding of 2 of my friends…..I’m getting better at using my airbrush but the pink Lychee and Rose half sphere are still not how I want them design wise, but it’s getting there.



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New Chocolate Flavours

IMAG1577so I decided to try some new flavours, one based on Pierre Hermes Ispahan Macaronwhich is a Lychee and Rose Ganache Centre and was decorated like Frank Haasnoot’s World Chocolate Masters moulded chocolate recipe, black chocolate Cherry made with Cacao Barry Alunga Milk Chocolate (41%), a blueberry ganache with Valrhona Manjari (64%) and finally a coffee bean (it’s up there with the Lychee in terms of impressing flavours) made with Valrhona Manjari (64%)

3 chocs

So I made little stencils out of white fondant and then airbrushed white cocoa  butter into the mould. I was a little heavy handed with the airbrush. They may not have looked like they should have or how I wanted them to look but the flavour was stunning. I’ve decided that I don’t like the daisy flower so I’ll look for another flower.

RedBlueberryFor the Cherry design, I flicked red cocoa butter into a small round cylinder mould, most of it flicked back onto my dress… I think that the effect was ok though.

I then tried flicking white and blue cocoa butter rather than a solid blue for the blueberry ganache, which I will try next time.

Coffee Bean

The coffee bean was the simplest of them all, sometimes that’s all it takes, just it’s own flavour to speak for itself.  I had an Aztec mould that I hadn’t found a flavour for so it just seemed perfect for this.  I roasted whole and slightly crushed beans in a dry pan and then infused cream with the heated beans to maximise flavours.

I never thought that I could make chocolate taste like a coffee bean rather than a cup of coffee but I did it, and I was super please with the results.


I also made honeycomb in a 27°c kitchen and dipped in the Cacao Barry Extra Bitter 64%, for the first time ever I had fat bloom on the chocolate….I should’ve taken a picture, to be honest I was so mortified that I’d gotten it so wrong.  I think it was me opening the fridge door all the time and changing the temperature of the fridge. I’ve learned quite a few lessons from these chocolates:

1. don’t wear white dress when playing with chocolate and coloured cocoa butter

2. don’t be so heavy handed with the airbrush, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you keep spraying until you can!

3. try not to temper chocolate in hot kitchen, if it’s got to be done, don’t disturb the fridge when the chocolates are in it

4. honeycomb melts in heat

Recipes to follow 🙂