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Birthday Cakes

So over the last month I’ve had a few birthday cakes to do so rather than post them all individually I’ll put them all in one post.

I have used 3 recipes for them all so I’ll split them by recipe.

Lemon Drizzle

Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest                                                                                           Bows & BalloonsBows & Balloons








First Roses







Steamed Sponge (though oven cooked)

 Football Cake

1420893156357142089338390514208986891181420989719768 Football Cake







This was probably the hardest cake I’ve ever done. First obstacle was the fact that I didn’t have a hemisphere cake tin. After spending a long long time on Google, I found out I could use a pyrex bowl. I elected to use a steam sponge recipe but still bake it in the oven. The next obstacle was how to cut the shapes and what size they should be. Following taking the picture on the right I have to unpick the whole cake and start again. I am no mathematician so the final cake looked very haphazard. I loved doing the grass and used a new piping nozzle to create the effect.

Ispahan – Rose & Lychee


This is my absolute favourite cake, I am so very proud of it. Inspired by the Pierre Hermes Ispahan macaron it’s a sponge soaked with a Rose Syrup, butter cream with a layer of lychee pulp and another Rose soaked sponge on top. The branches are brown icing and I also made a little owl to hold the candles. I thought to begin with it was too small in height, but as it was 2 x 9″ victoria sponge tins it was fairly big already. The feedback on this was that it was an amazingly grown up sponge, and I’ve already been asked for another 🙂